Do You Need a Place to Stay?


Overnight Guest Program

Our Overnight Guest Program offers short-term housing for men, women and families in need. New check-ins are encouraged to arrive between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. We have separate dorm facilities for men and women as well as hotel-style units for families.

All of your personal belongings will need to fit into the two 18 gallon totes  provided, so please bring only your clothing and basic toiletry items.

In this program, your primary focus will be finding and keeping full-time employment.  You will have 3 weeks to accomplish this goal and will be expected to submit at least five new job applications daily.

Extensions beyond the initial 3 weeks will only be considered for those who have found full-time employment. 

Samaritan Program

The Samaritan Program is a great option for those who are unable to maintain full-time employment due to a number of possible reasons including:

  • A verifiable physical disability or condition
  • Beyond retirement age
  • Mental health issues
  • Legal problems
  • Documentation issues
  • Short-Term stay

On this half-day program, you will be expected to set goals and, on a weekly basis, demonstrate reasonable progress toward independent living. While on this program, you will be required to begin working with a case-worker or community support person from another local agency.

Participants in the Samaritan Program are required to attend the 8:00 am Devotions as well as an 8:30 am Samaritan training class. At 9:30 am, you will be assigned an on-campus chore before you head out to accomplish the goals you have set for the day.

Your time is limited, so you will need to act quickly in regard to securing housing and further long term assistance.

New Life Program

This is a one year, in-house program for those seeking a new life in Christ, free from the  bondage of sin and addiction. This academic and life-changing program requires a full-time commitment to transformation.

During your year on the program, you will spend about 10 hours a week in the classroom studying many books of the Bible, various topics from theology, and a number of important life skills. Each of these classes may also require textbook reading,  workbook assignments and memory work. To be successful, you must be prepared to work hard.

In addition to studying, participants in the New Life Program serve roughly 30 hours  each week in various areas of ministry on the Rescue Mission's campus.

Applications for this program are only accepted in person and must be submitted to  either the Director of Men's or Women's Ministry. Upon acceptance into the program, you will begin the 2 week probationary Jump Start Phase. Successful completion of the Jump Start Phase is your ticket to begin the full, one-year opportunity for a new life